Jolly Agile Border Collies -Always prepared

The newest addition to our family is Prikka, Foxbarton Kings Fancy. She joined our family November 2014. She seems to be an excellent border collie in all the possible ways. She is very steady girl with a huge will to please attitude. She is also the most serious dog I have ever met. Unluckily she needs medication for the rest of her life. Hypothyroidism was identified spring 2017, when her once shining coat did not glow anymore and her undercoat disappeared. 


Besides Prikka we have also border collies; Kiila, Akiila Blue Heaven from Thircans Dream and Jinga, Aculsia Star Chaser.



We enjoy walks daily, having several routes to choose, even during the winter. My kids have flown out of the “nest” several years ago, so there is lots of time for the dogs. My hobbies with the dogs are obedience and tracking. As a family we like hiking, camping, rowing and mushroom and berry picking. With my husband Jari we live in Central Finland, a couple of kilometers from the Jyväskylä city center.

This decade we have enjoyed the English country life twice for several months with long walks in the neighborhoods of Cambridge. We also did some unforgettable hiking holidays around UK, loved them all: Peak District, South-Western Wales, Rob Roy way in Scotland, Cornwall and Lake district.



From our first visit we brought the best possible souvenirs; one year old Jinga and two weeks after our arrival to Finland, Kiila gave birth to the first Jolly Agile litter. Dad was a real Englishman WT CH Flynntastic Red Jaff of Tarnforce.



Before this trio our first collie was a very energetic smooth collie, Minzi, who came to my daughter 1997. Year 2000 we took a rescue border collie Pit from Ireland. Kiila was the very first registered border collie, she came from Germany autumn 2006. I knew her grand parent from time we lived in Germany. Before collies I had a briard and a Samoyed.

My very first dog was an Alsatian, the tiny puppy came to me when I was twelve years.