Prikan tulokset ja arvostelut


Tokotuloksia/ obedience results

AVO1 304,5 p 16.4.2017

AVO1 269 p Jyväskylä 26.2. 2017

ALO1 178 p sij. 23/99 Laukaa SM 23.7.2016

Alo 1 183 p Mikkeli 27.2.2016


The UK reports, September – October 2016

We visited four shows, two classes in each.  We got placed (among five best dogs) six times out of competing eight times in the classes; pre beginner, beginner or novice. The reports below from the shows when those were written.

Great Yarmouth DTC 17/9/2016
Class: Pre Beginners, Judge: Sue Star 2 nd

Another super team unlucky to meet the team above today, you won't be in this class long on today's performance. Well Done.

Great Yarmouth DTC 17/9/2016 
Class: Beginners,  Judge:  Gemma Henshaw

3rd ARO Mrs R Kuittinen and Foxbarton Kings Fancy BC lost 4 ¼. Well done on this place today at your first English show. I was really impressed with your quiet handling which brought out the best in Prikka today, unfortunately doing a left about turn instead of the about turn was costly! The majority of marks were lost on the RT and AT with the dog just coming out of position, tighten these up and I’m sure the win will not be far away. Good luck for the rest of the shows and hope to see you over here again.

Norfolk Broads DTC 18.9. 2016

Class: Beginners, Judge: Linda Baldock 4th

– 159 FOXBARTON KINGS FANCY B/C B, handled by Mrs R L Kuittinen. 1st time competing in England, this team produced a good clean round with calm handling. I hope you enjoyed competing in England, hope to see you again. Good luck. 

Norfolk pre beg  Lost six – 5 th place

Show: Southern GSD 25/9/2016

Class: Pre-Beginners, Judge: Rob Summerfield

NO. ENTRIES: 31, RAN: 21

1st Riitta Kuittinen with FOXBARTON KINGS FANCY (BC B)

My goodness, what a day you had today Riitta! Two outstanding rounds with young Prikka taking the win over her more experienced family member. Never judged you before but was mightily impressed by your smooth FCI style of handling, highly motivated, happy and responsive dogs and your absolute delight with their work. Some minor drifts on the circle which I felt were down to your lead position rather than training errors, and some work on the “UK style” turns will give a final polish. Include those blisteringly fast and accurate recalls and you have a really strong platform to build on. Many congratulations and the very best of luck with your fab girls!

Lost 1 HOL, 0.75 HF Total 1.75

Show: Midlands Border Collie Club Limit Show Results  9/10/2016

Class: Pre-Beginner - Judge Beth Carroll, 

1st Mrs Riitta Kuittinen & Fin Ob Ch Aculsia Star Chaser – lost 2 points

2nd Mrs Riitta Kuittinen & Foxbarton Kings Fancy - lost 4 points



21.11.2015 Jyväskylä Int., judge Jeff Horswell, UK
Jun VG, JUK4
Very well musculed. Quite immature. Promising proportions but looks very up in the air. Head could be more typical too much stop. Rounded skull.Big round eyes. Good neck. Quite nice front. Ribs need to sping. Level topline. Rear is ok. Sound mover.

13.9 Muurame, Maija Sylgren
Jun Exc   JUN ERI, JUK2
1 v. Tässä kehitysvaiheessa aavistuksen raajakas. Erinom. pään malli ja ilme. Oikea purenta. Kaunis kaula ja ylälinja. Vielä matala rintakehä.Hyvä luusto. Voisi olla kauttaaltaan kulmautuneempi. Sujuvat kevyet liikkeet. Tänään niukassa karvassa.
1 year old. At this stage has slightly too much legs, Excellent shape of head and expression. Correct bite. Beautiful neck and top line. Good bone structure. Could have more angulations. nice and light movement. out of coat today.

Laukaa 12.7.2015 , tuomari/judge Paul Lawless, Ireland.
EH/VG bitches, junior class
9 months, lovely eye and expression. Balanced feminine head. Good pigment. At this time stands little narrow to chest. Good top line. Touch long in loin. Good bone, feet, she moves little close behind.

11.7.2015 Laukaa SBCAK Erikoisnäyttely/breed show, tuomari/judge Ann Jordan, UK.  
H/Good junior class
Pleasant bitch. Nicely trained. Typical head & expression. Movement wide front but correct behind. Little straight in hocks. 
21.3 Jyväskylä Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa 
Pennut/Puppies 5-7 months 
Prize of honor, second in her class and in all puppy bitches
Hyvät mittasuhteet ja luusto. Kaunislinjainen pää. Tummat hyvän kokoiset silmät. Hyvät korvat. tasapainoinen ylälinja. Hyvä hännän kanto. Hyvä rungon muoto ja syvyys.riittävästi tasapainoisesti kulmautunut.  Voisi liikkua tehokkaammin. Erinomainen karvanlaatu
Nice proportions and bones. beautiful lined head. Dark eyes with good size. Good ears. Well balanced topline, carries tail nicely, good shape and deepness of the body . the angulations are well balanced. Good move more effectively. Excellent type of hair.